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Trevor Pogroske and Paul Billingham of Grant Thornton were appointed as Joint and Several Receivers and Managers over EDU Group Corporation Pty Ltd and Mathemagic Computer Tutor Pty Ltd on 26th November 2008.

The Receivers together with key management and the various stakeholders will seek to preserve the inherent value of the group by taking the necessary steps to identify appropriately interested parties to acquire and continue the business.

Notice from Maths Worldwide

Maths Worldwide Pty Ltd now provides a limited support service for the programs that you may currently use. We believe that the programs are wonderful and hope to continue supporting these and other educational products. We have not received any money from your purchase. We are not, nor are we associated with, the Australian Institute of Mathematics (Holdings) Pty Limited (AIM) or its associated companies in any way. Maths Worldwide does not provide tutor support to customers who purchased software from Australian Institute of Mathematics (Holdings) Pty Limited (AIM).

However, it is intended that Maths Worldwide will use its best endeavours to provide you with technical assistance. Some of these services, should you wish to utilise them, such as activation codes, upgrade discs, postage and handling etc, will be charged at fair market rates.

We understand that this may be difficult to accept, however we ask you to understand our position and together we can work toward helping your children be the very best they can be.

The fee for an activation code is $16.39 AUD per program per computer. This minimal charge for an activation code helps cover our ongoing costs in providing technical support services.

To produce activation codes, visit our website -, and click on the "Support" tab. Please go through the onscreen instructions and click on the activation code button.

You will be taken to our activation code system where you can enter as a new customer. Please fill all the details requested on the page and continue for getting the activation code.

Please note an activation is generated using the serial number of the program (found on your installation CD) and a computer ID (which is generated when the program is installed on a computer). If you wish to reinstall the programs on a new computer you will need new activation codes (which can be generated online) as the activation codes generated when the programs were first or last installed will no longer be valid.

Mathemagic Computer Tutor
Australian Institute of Mathematics and Literacy
Mathemagic Computer Tutor
Mathemagic Computer Tutor
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Mathemagic Computer Tutor